Océ 940 Offline Folder


Model: Océ 940 Offline Folder

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Productive offline folder

The Océ 940 is an efficient, standalone, offline folder for large format documents. Hand feed technical drawing for quality fan folding and pass through a second time for convenient cross folding into small packages. With a small footprint, it blends into any environment.


  • The Océ 940 folds up to 6 A0 documents per minute
  • Accepts plain paper copies and a variety of plotter media, including electrostatic, pen and inkjet plots
  • A choice of folds
  • Provides extremely precise folding of all documents
  • Requires only a modest 4 m² of floor space
  • Quiet folding
Paper Types Plain , inkjet , Pen Plotter and Electro Statics Papers
Minimum Paper Width 297 mm
Maximum Paper Width 914 mm
Minimum Paper Length 405 mm
Maximum Paper Length 2.5 Meters
Folding Methods 210 mm , 210 mm with margins of 20mmmm & 25 mm & 30 mm , 190 mm , DIN 824 Standard , Crossfold: 297mm or 305 mm
Speed 10 M/min


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