Océ 940 Offline Folder

Productive offline folder The Océ 940 is an efficient, standalone, offline folder for large format documents. Hand feed technical drawing for quality fan folding and pass through a second time for convenient cross folding into small packages. With a small footprint, it blends into any environment. Benefits The Océ 940 folds up to 6 A0 documents per minute Accepts plain paper copies and a variety of plotter media, including electrostatic, pen and inkjet plots A choice of folds Provides extremely precise folding of all documents Requires only a modest 4 m²...

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Océ 913 Cutting Device

The Océ 913 manual cutting machine brings Océ reliability to your large-format finishing. It’s very simple to operate, and with its compact dimensions, it fits discretely in virtually any drawing office or reproduction environment. From light-weight diazo papers to thick cardboard, the Océ 913 cuts all types of material with high accuracy. It offers several cutting options. And clippings are collected automatically, making operation quick and clean. Océ is a leading supplier of products and services for the presentation of information on paper. The...

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 After Sales Services

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