Successful use for the global IT provider RESA

Successful use for the global IT provider RESA

Printing passenger lists directly at the gate The Tally Dascom 1140 dot matrix printer is a small, compact printer with continuous and single- sheet processing, which has now been given a whole new range of tasks by RESA: it is used during onboarding and prints passenger lists directlyat the gate before passengers board the aircraft. The small, powerful dot matrix printer can print up to four carbon copies and replaces another printer system that has been discontinued.

Close cooperation, adaptation and certification of the Tally Dascom 1140

RESA was looking for a new printer manufacturer and turned to DASCOM. The robust Tally Dascom 1140, which is often used in the industrial sector, immediately came up. DASCOM made a strong impression with its uncomplicated approach and adjusted its dot matrix printer to meet RESA’s strict criteria and standards, which are necessary for smooth processing at the gate. In close cooperation with RESA, the Tally Dascom 1140 was adapted to RESA’s software environment and a roll holder was developed. Then came the certification of the printer. In the initial test phase, it was immediately clear that RESA had made the right choice with the Tally Dascom 1140 from DASCOM, which ensures the smooth onboarding of passengers as standard.

Quality and durability guarantee safety

The cooperation between RESA and DASCOM is focused above all on the reliable quality of the printer and on development in partnership. DASCOM convinced RESA with its many years of experience, technical expertise and flexibility. RESA currently has more than 100 printers in use in France. This is only the beginning. The close cooperation will be expanded – RESA has left no doubt about that.