Tally MIP480 Dot Matrix Mobile Printer

The MIP480 is a dot matrix printer that has been developed specifically for printing in mobile environments. It combines the characteristics of speed and flexibility with robustness and thereby represents an ideal printer for mobile deployments.   With a printing head service life of 250 million characters and an ink ribbon that can be used for up to 6 months when printing typical delivery documents, the MIP480 is ideal for industrial deployments in the transport sector and as an alternative for printing documents in the warehouse logistics and safety engineering...

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Tally Dascom DP-230L Mobile Thermal Printer

Tally Dascom DP-230L Mobile Thermal Printer The DP-230L is an inexpensive direct thermal printer for 3-inch receipts and labels for companies which need a lightweight yet durable printer for daily use. Thanks to its small size and powerful functions, you can use it without difficulty in a variety of applications. Its long battery life ensures that the printer can be used in consecutive shifts without any need for recharging. Thanks to its variety of interfaces including USB, Bluetooth and WiFi, the printer can be used with a whole array of...

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Tally Dascom DP-330 Mobile Thermal Printer

Tally Dascom DP-330 Mobile Thermal Printer With the Tally Dascom DP-330 series you can concentrate on your job and not on the printer. Although the printer is up to 10% smaller and 40% lighter than comparable models, it makes no compromises. A variety of interfaces and emulations allow the use of DP-330/DP-330L in different environments. Whether water, dust or vibrations, this printer operates reliably. Whether in the basic variant DP-330 for receipt documents or in the label version as DP-330L. Thanks to different holders, the printer can easily install on mobile dollies or in...

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