Océ ColorWave 700

Océ ColorWave 700

  • Océ CrystalPoint Technology
  • Océ PAINT Technology
  • Océ ClearConnect Technology
  • Océ MediaSENSE Technology
  • Océ Color ImageLogic Technology
Model: Océ ColorWave 700 Manufacturer: Océ-Technologies. Rated 5/5 97


Versatile and Productive
Large Format Printing System

Advance your business with the versatile and productive Océ ColorWave 700 large format printing system. Make efficient use of space by using one system for full-color graphics as well as CAD and GIS work. Ideal for central print rooms and reprographers that want to offer new wide format services, like posters, roll up banners, artistic canvas, wallpaper and more with the new Océ MediaSense technology which allows you to print on thicker media, up to 32mil.

Print up to 13,650 ft. of media online with a 6 roll capacity for hours of uninterrupted printing. Hitting a peak? You can print, scan and copy at the same time with the integrated controller without sacrificing productivity or quality. This system easily processes large, complex files at a speed of 225 D size prints per hour.

Key Highlights

  • 225 D size prints/1,389 sq/ft per hour
  • 11" to 42' media roll width
  • Capacity of 6 rolls, up to 13,650 sq. feet of media online
  • Expand your services cost effectively with Océ MediaSense technology's ability to print on thicker media up to 32mil thick.
  • Grow your application range with media versatility for posters, roll up banners, disposable POP canvas, wallpaper etc
  • Increase your efficiency with multiple finishing options including stacking and folding



Print up to 13,650 ft. of media online with a 6 roll capacity for hours of uninterrupted printing. Print, copy, and scan at the same time with the integrated controller without sacrificing productivity or quality. This system easily processes large complex files at a speed of 225 D-size prints per hour.

The Océ ClearConnect software suite gives you more flexible ways to submit files to the printer. Print from a desktop via Océ Publisher Select™ software to manage complex document sets. Print from the cloud or a mobile device via a WiFi router to have prints available more quickly. ONYX ProductionHouse™ software provides preflighting and advanced color management tools to ensure superior color results and high productivity.


The Océ ColorWave 700 printer is the flexible choice. Expand your services cost-effectively with Océ MediaSense technology’s ability to print on thicker media (up to 32mil). This is ideal for posters, roll-up banners, disposable point-of-sale, modern canvas, wallpaper, etc. Print productive short runs of monochromatic and color on low-cost uncoated media or high-end specialties to meet customer demands.

The Océ patented Océ CrystalPoint® technology ensures robust, waterfast prints with sharp lines, high readability of fine details, and smooth, even area fills. The ONYX®workflow software helps you to meet customers’ demands. The embedded APPE controller/RIP eliminates the need for an external RIP for standard work.


Cut manual finishing out of your workflow. Prints come out dry, cut-to-size, and stacked in the right order. The top delivery tray holds up to 75 prints. Add the Océ Delivery Tray for an extra capacity of up to 150 prints. Seamlessly handle over 650 feet of roll-to-roll applications with the Media Take-Up Module. Optional integrated folders to deliver quality folded documents automatically for efficient media handing from the beginning to end.


The Océ ColorWave 700 printer is designed to create a healthy working environment. The unique Océ TonerPearls® toner ensures that there’s no fine dust, no odor, and minimal waste disposal. This system can also print on recycled and carbon neutral media and has good de-inking properties for those facilities in need of a sustainable large format printing solution.

Print Technology Océ Crystal Point
Print Resolution 600x600 dpi
Monochrome CAD Fast Print Mode Speed 225 A1/D-Size Pages per hour
Color GIS Fast Print Mode Speed 212 A1/D-Size Pages per hour
Roll Numbers 4-6
Maximum Print Width 106 (42) cm (Inch)
Media Weight 60-160 Grams
File Formats PDF,PDF/A,TIFF,JPEG,CALS,Multipage TTF
Colors C , M , Y , K
Scan Technology CIS + Océ Color ImageLogic
Monochrome / Color Scan Speed 14.6 m/min
Maximum Scan Length 16 Meters
Scan Resolution 600x600 dpi
Operating System MS Windows 8 Embedded
CPU Intel Core i5
LAN Port Yes
USB Port Yes
Operator Panel Multi Touch Screen 10
Cloud Connectivity Yes

Océ ColorWave 500 English

Océ Colorwave 700 Persian

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