Tally Genicom 6820

TallyGenicom 6820 – 2000 LPM The TallyGenicom 6820 line printer is the fastest TallyGenicom line printer. It prints up to 2,000 lines per minute. The quiet, enclosed cabinet printer improves reliability and reduces noise emission, making it ideal for office environments. It is the quietest and most versatile choice in our mission-critical line matrix printer series. This industrial-strength printer is ideal for noise-adverse areas running large, unattended print...

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Tally Genicom 6805

TallyGenicom 6805 – 500 LPM The TallyGenicom 6805 line printer prints up to 500 line per minute. The pedestal model is featured here. High Speed Impact Printing – Print Multi-Part Forms, Bar Codes, Labels and Tractor Feed Paper Reports The TallyGenicom 6805 is loaded with the same built-in quality and performance of the top-of-the-line TallyGenicom C6820 line printer. It is designed for customers seeking a quiet, versatile, dependable line...

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TallyGenicom 6215

Warning ! With the Official announcment of the Manufacturer, The  TallyGenicom 6215 is compeletly discontinued

TallyGenicom 6218

Tallygenicom T6218 Line Printer [ Deprecated Product ] The T6218 line matrix printer from TallyGenicom® combines cutting-edge innovation with time-tested technology for superior in speed, reliability, and quality. T6218 Line Printer Features Text: 1800 lpm, Graphics: 225 inches per minute Monthly workloads up to 512,000 pages per month Remarkable ECMA Spreadsheet throughput speeds over 44 pages per minute Straight paper path with a 4-tractor system for jam-free...

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Warning ! With the Official announcment of the Manufacturer, The  TallyGenicom 6218 is compeletly discontinued