Tally Genicom 6805 Line Printer


Model: Tally Genicom 6805 Line Printer Rated 5/5 97

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TallyGenicom 6805 – 500 LPM

The TallyGenicom 6805 line printer prints up to 500 line per minute. The pedestal model is featured here.

High Speed Impact Printing – Print Multi-Part Forms, Bar Codes, Labels and Tractor Feed Paper Reports

The TallyGenicom 6805 is loaded with the same built-in quality and performance of the top-of-the-line TallyGenicom C6820 line printer. It is designed for customers seeking a quiet, versatile, dependable line printer for use in an office with space limitations.

You’re able to easily move the 6805 to any space in your office. Includes industrial strength casters.

Your end users can easily reach over the pedestal and collect a form from the adjustable rear tray, or walk around to access larger print runs from the lower tray. Like all the printers in the TallyGenicom 6800 family, the TallyGenicom 6805 line printer is ENERGY STAR qualified and is ready to plug into your network and start printing from day one.

The TallyGenicom 6805 Line Printer Features

The TallyGenicom 6805 line printer delivers flexible design, adaptable functionality and quite operation at an affordable price. With the TallyGenicom 6805, you get the benefits of a high speed line printer that fits in smaller spaces.

  • Ideal printer for office environments where noise and space constraints are important considerations
  • Industrial strength casters allow you to move the printer within your facility
  • Convenient tray location improves productivity and customer satisfaction

Flexible Design. TallyGenicom modified its industry-leading line matrix technology to address evolving user requirements.

  • New sheet metal promotes increased durability and quieter acoustics
  • New kit assembly and configuration offers price-competitive design

Manageable Savings. The TallyGenicom 6805 impact printer is a smart purchase.

  • New backward-compatible cartridge ribbon reduces inventory management cost and eliminates ordering and installation confusion
  • New remote diagnostics let you monitor functionality anywhere
  • New energy efficiency technology lowers idle power consumption by 55% and boosts operating efficiency
Print Technology
Quality 288x240 dpi
Column 136
Noise 52/55 dB
Copies 1+5
Media Types Fanfold Papers
Automatic Print Gap Configuration Yes

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